August 08, 2013

Happiness Tips in NOW Magazine!!

NOW Magazine has a condensed version of my top 5 tips for creating more happiness in your life!

Here's the whole list:

1. Create a gratitude practice out of anything that feels easy and joyful: like regular thanks at meals; send lots of thank you cards; create a gratitude journal; blog regularly about what you're grateful for; create a gratitude Pintrest board. Doing this opens you up to noticing what is going right in the world, what's beautiful in the small and large things around you which creates a feeling of abundance and calm.

2. Drop judgement. Notice when you are judging yourself and others unkindly. Then stop and think of something kind instead. Judgement just gets in the way of happiness.

3. Ask yourself what you really really want: yes you - ask yourself! Do I really want those shoes, or do I want to feel more love in my life? Do I really want that cookie or do I want to go for a walk? Do I really want to do that thing you asked me to do, or do I want to say no? Ask, and when you get a good honest answer - do that!

4. Have more fun experiences! Yes, more fun!

5. Mind your own business. As in, really mind it, care for it. Look after yourself, be grateful to yourself, be kinder to yourself, ask yourself what you want, and give yourself what you want. Meet your own needs. And stay out of other people's business. Their opinions about you are none of your business and your opinions about them are none of your business (see #2). Their thoughts, feelings, and actions are not about you.

Happiness is always there inside you!

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