August 14, 2013

This course will change your life!

Really? Well, yes. Candice said it changed her life and Steph says it too in her story ...

"I would have to say that with Jessica's help and guidance through the exercises in Steering By Starlight, my life has changed for the better. I had many life goals I wanted to accomplish but I lacked the tools and focus to overcome the obstacles I believed were in my path. I had many fears and was holding on to bad truths I adopted at an early age. But through the many weeks of the course, I learned to rephrase my fears and create new truths; I learned to not let my lizard brain dictate my actions but to acknowledge it and move forward. More importantly, I learned new tools to forge new pathways into the life I wanted. The result is the fulfillment of a dream: I left my full-time corporate day job to study art and get my bachelor's degree. My journey is far from over but it's the beginning of a new life that I'm excited about. I'm so grateful for this course and the amazing support I've received. This will literally change your life!"

I feel very privileged to be the guide and witness to people making major life changes: goals being uncovered; previously dismissed dreams being revived; and changes that were seemingly incredibly scary and difficult turning out to be much simpler and easier to accomplish.

So I thought I'd give some examples of other shifts that participants have made:

- a job that felt like a dead-end but the only thing that would pay the rent ended with a severance package and acceptance into art school - go Steph!

- an uncomfortable & unpleasant living arrangement that felt like the only thing that was affordable was left for an expansive and "expensive" apartment with a plan of how to pay for it!

- a relationship with a family member was re-framed with clear boundaries that creates a sense of safety and freedom!

- a job that had once been a delight but had become stifling was left with well wishes and a clear plan to start a business that engages all the skills and interests of the new owner!

- a love relationship that had long been imagined as impossible became a reality with a person who came closer and closer into orbit as the belief that it WAS possible grew!

- a relationship with a colleague that had been intolerable became tolerable with the resetting of boundaries and the energy shift in beliefs about being a victim to being the leader!

- a long dreamed of trip that seemed completely out of reach became simple and easy with a few requests for help!

What would you like to change? Come Fire Up Your Life and make it happen!

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