September 06, 2013

A quick note about payment plans ...

I guess saying that I'm flexible about payment plans for my Steering by Starlight course doesn't make it clear exactly what I mean by that. So lemme break it down for ya.

A $100 deposit is required to register. The remaining $400 can be paid in lots of ways ...

- 4 payments of $100 each

- 2 payments of $200 each

- or something totally random that adds up to $400 by the 7th session

Come join me if you're looking to change your job, find your calling, shift your relationship with your mother, your partner or yourself, or wanting to make that long-held dream come true. It can happen. We all just need a few new tools and support sometimes.

And this is probably what it looks like to work with me. Ya, I'm a hand-talker.

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