September 04, 2013

Celebrating One Year of Jump Starts!!

I started my first Jump Start Your Life group one year ago this month. And holy WOW have people's lives changed. Anne has a new job working with delightful people. Candice finally took a vacation and is creating concrete plans for an art show. Julia has launched White Squirrel Cards. Michelle quit her soul-sucking job and is pursuing her big dream of touring Asia. And Steph left her dull corporate job and started at the Ontario College of Art & Design yesterday!
Candice, Steph & Julia
I started this course because I wanted to share what I'd learned with the dear people around me who I knew were struggling with things that were holding them back from their dreams and the lives they really wanted. And you know what, it works. It really works. Steph just sent the group this quick update:

Steph's first year self-portrait - it's needlepoint!
"I just wanted to mention that today was my first day at school and it went very well! I met some lovely people; I was moved by our keynote speaker who read a poem about OCAD and the students here; and got some free art supplies! Tomorrow, I get to have breakfast with my student mentor as well as the other mentors and mentees to prep for my upcoming classes. If it wasn't for this course, none of these experiences would be happening. I am very grateful."

I am so grateful that Steph and the others joined me a year ago, and that we are in fact continuing on this journey as group members keep coming back for more support. We're on Part 3 now! The group continues to make magic and offer the most incredible support to one another. Julia said to me the other day, "you should tell people that this group solves problems in 4 minutes, because it does, it's amazing" - so I'm telling ya.

Come join me and let's see what you're life looks like a year from now!

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