September 09, 2013

Rachel's found more peace

I love it when people tell me how taking Jump Start Your Life has impacted them. Because I can see what happens from my perspective, and I get to see amazing changes - but what is happening on the inside is so much more powerful. Thank you Rachel for sharing your story!!

"I can honestly say, without hesitation, that Jessica's course has been a valuable and fruitful experience. I signed up for the course primarily to a) chart a new career path more closely aligned to my passions and desired lifestyle, and b) find a group of peers for support as I am relatively new to Toronto.

Mission accomplished? Well, yes. Every week I met with this fantastic group of people who provided moral support to one another in a safe environment, without judgement. Thoughts, information and ideas were exchanged. There was plenty of encouragement. And of course chocolate! As a group, we tended to feed off one another's momentum. It was fantastic! And a constant reminder that one need not face life's challenges alone.

As for my career path? Well, prior to the course I was very scattered and lacking in focus. I knew I did not want to be an administrator in a bland office cubicle for the rest of my life, but I also knew I had a lot of untapped potential and passions to explore. My problem was I had absolutely no idea what to pursue, how to more forward, or get out of my rut. I was frustrated.

Now, I'm happy to report that I actually have a plan. Having said that, I also have a better attitude toward uncertainty as well. For me, this was half the battle!

Jessica, with a very steady hand and sharp intuition, walked us through exercises that provided the tools necessary to recognize our limiting thoughts and fears as well as keep them at bay. This not only helped clarify my desires and goals, but also helped me come to a place of calm. As a person who has struggled with severe anxiety (and health problems as a result), I am now far better equipped to realize my plan. And if, for whatever reason my plan falls through or derails, I will not beat myself up about it. I will not feel like a failure. I will not have anxiety attacks about what comes next.

I would say this greater sense of overall peace I have achieved from participating in these sessions has been the biggest reward for me. I am less phased by day-to-day situations or encounters with people I once found to be irritating or annoying. I am more in control of my thoughts and the feelings that arise from them. This is powerful stuff! I cannot emphasize enough how liberating this feels - like an albatross has been cut loose from my neck. It takes some time, but with Jessica's guidance and an open mind you can get there too!

Through it all Jessica is a solid, perceptive, caring and effective guide. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work and it shows. She has far exceeded my already high expectations and I highly recommend taking her course. You will be glad you did."

** all photos by Rachel

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