January 02, 2014

Less Suffering - More Joy - Bring it 2014!

When I tell people I'm a "life coach" the question I often get is - "how'd you get into that?" but I feel like the question with a more interesting answer is "why?".

Because that's what drives me - the why. I want to help people get as much suffering out of their lives as possible ...

Suffering from dragging childhood coping mechanisms into adult relationships and then having no idea why they don't work any more. (you can learn new things!)

Suffering from believing that people and circumstances beyond your control create your feelings. (they don't, your beliefs do, and that's within your control)

Suffering from giving away all of your energy to others because happiness will only come if you make other people happy. (nope)

This is a journey and I'm still on it, but I've learned some wonderful things about how to stop my own suffering and I want to share that with as many people as are interested. So that we can all make the world a more joyful and peaceful place. 

Less suffering. More joy. Bring it 2014. Let's do this!

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