December 31, 2014

Vision Quest 2015 - Action Planner

Goodbye 2014 & Hello 2015!!

I spent the month of December doing an unusual kind of planning for the new year. I decided to listen to the Vision Quest meditation that I do in my Steering By Starlight groups 6 times. My hope was that I would get some very clear ideas about what to focus on in 2015. A whole bunch of people joined me in this endeavour on Facebook and it seems my experiment worked!! 

Feel free to have a listen to the meditation yourself if you could use some clarity.

Now, the task at hand for 2015 is to figure out how to turn dreams and visions into reality - and for that having a good plan makes all the difference!

January, February & March seem to be the time when we either make our plans stick or when they fall apart. 

So my friend & colleague Deborah Rose and I have put together a gorgeous planner and are now inviting everyone to join us for a weekly call for the first quarter of the year to stay on track.

We believe that using a tool to help you see your goals on paper, and breaking them down in to real action steps that you can schedule in your calendar, is where the magic happens.

But we also know that having company, help, and accountability along the way is perhaps the most useful tool of all. So every Tuesday at 3 pm EST, 12 noon PST, we will be holding a call to keep you company and offer some help along the way.

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