Steering By Starlight Course

Steering By Starlight is an 8 week, in-person, group course with max 6 participants.

It's me leading you through Martha Beck's magical and life-changing book by the same name. Why? because it changed my life! It was the catalyst to answering my true calling. Are you struggling with something that you can't figure out how to change or make better? Like a job, a relationship, or your feelings about life?

So much of what drives us is simmering away in our unconscious thoughts and beliefs and creating our lived realities - often realities we don't like or want. Getting in touch with that, bringing it into the light, allows us to create the lives we want.

But nobody teaches you how to do this - at least nobody taught me, not until I read this book! So I would like to teach you how to connect to yourself and be the leader of your life, and solve your problems.

I want to share this magic because I know how it feels to think: I'm all alone, I have no idea what I want, I'm not good enough, I don't have enough money, I'm never going to get what I want, life sucks. I've been there quite a few times. But when you really get in touch with what you want, even if you've been running from it, or are afraid of it, or have buried it so far down you don't even know what it is anymore - you can make it real. I want to show you how.

Then there's the group. The book is magical, but let me tell you the group is where the mojo really happens. It can be scary to open up to a bunch of people you don't know about the soft spots inside you. But what I've found is that we all have very similar soft spots. And when you're with a group of people who are on the same journey, the kindness, helpfulness, and tangible support becomes a powerful force for change.

And I add to the magic here too. I'm here to be your guide back to yourself. By sharing the joys and the pains in my own journey. By questioning anything that dims your light. By teaching you the tools that create change. And by simply believing that you are worthy of everything you desire.

Also included is a private 90 min coaching session with me. Get in touch if this sounds good to you!

Here are the details for each week's class:

Week 1: Learn how your feelings are created and how they direct your life so that you can change them.
Week 2: Understand primal fear, how it gets in the way, and how to tame it so you can do what you want.
Week 3: Beliefs create reality. How to find the beliefs that are not serving you and change them to create the reality you want.
Week 4: Accept and grieve things you are hiding from, let the baggage go & do the thing you think you cannot do. 
Week 5: Your dreams are trying to tell you everything you want to know about what to do in your waking life. Find out what they have to say!
Week 6: Create a clear vision of your life + get rid of the doubts and yeahbuts that get in the way of making it happen so that you can move forward.
Week 7: Change your physical environment - it directly affects everything else in your life.
Week 8: How to deal with saboteurs (including yourself) & how to lead in any relationship.

A few words from past participants:

"I don't quite know how to put my gratitude into words, or if you could even comprehend how much your support, and being part of this group over the past few months, has not only helped me but very much transformed me. I feel like now I have the skills and the strength built within me to finally be the me I'd always wished I could be, and to create the life I've always dreamed of. No matter what life throws my way." ~ Bean

"I can say that this course exceeded my expectations by 100%. I didn't know what to expect actually, but I didn't know it would change my life. Jessica is a fantastic facilitator, teacher, and contributor. A wonderful life-coach and in the group setting it wasn't so scary. The women in the group helped each other to see we all have fears, we are all on our own journeys and yet we are all connected. It's a beautiful life we can have and this book and this class can help you get to the magic, to your true self and on the path that is meant just for you. Thank you Jessica for your great work. You are inspiring and Martha Beck is inspiring and I could go on and on, but you can only decide for yourself. So Go'awn. Try it. I bet you'll like it. :) xo Candice"

"This was an amazing journey with Jess as an incredible guide. When I signed up for the course I was a bit wary as I did not know anyone and I had some reservations about sharing my concerns with a group of strangers. However, when I arrived at the first session, I discovered that I was not alone in my thinking and I soon realized that sharing my problems was a great way to find resolutions. With the help of Jess and the group, I found new ways of dealing with difficult people and the most important lesson - that I'm stronger than I realized. I no longer avoid uncomfortable issues or situations but have the strength to face them! Its a wonderful journey and I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling like their fire is just a spark. Take this journey and the spark will evolve into a flame!" ~ Anne (that's me on the right and Jess on the left)

Here's a Q&A with nitty-gritty details about what it's like to be a part of the group.

Here are some concrete, proof-in-the-pudding changes previous members have made as a result of the course.

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