Life Coaching

"Peace is more that just a feeling. It's the mental and physical frequency where you'll find all your real power." ~ Martha Beck

When I say I'm a "life coach" people often perk up with interest, look at me a little closer, and then ask me what that really means - what do I actually do? But what I think they really mean is what can I do for them? And I bet you're wondering what I can do for you.

Here are some common themes I help people with: 

* wanting to change jobs/careers

* wanting to improve family relationships

* wanting to improve romantic relationships

* wanting to get more deeply connected with your own wants and needs

* wanting to change patterns in your life that are dragging you down and aren't getting you what you want

* wanting an organizational plan that will help you work optimally with your talents & strengths to achieve your goals

They all boil down to making dreams into reality.

I have a client who left her dull office job to get her dream job of managing a progressive sex shop. Another who also left a dull office job to go to art school in her 30s which she'd been dreaming of since her 20s. Another who left an uninspiring job to move to Ireland to paint for 6 months. And yet another who left a job that was frequently causing her injury to become a dream-worker - her actual dream job! 

I've had several clients fearful of leaving unhappy relationships, leave those relationships to discover amazing new opportunities of all sorts, including new and fulfilling relationships. And clients in difficult relationships learn the tools to clearly express and have their needs met, leading to much more joy & satisfaction.

I've had countless clients create the boundaries they needed with their families, only to enjoy their families so much more. 

All of my clients (and me too) have had some crappy thoughts about themselves and the world that were ultimately keeping them from the happiness they always wanted. We change those suckers into truly empowering thoughts that can change everything. 

I'm here to re-connect you with your real power because I know it's there.

Well HOW? you might wonder. 

I've been doing this for over a decade now, and so much longer if you count all the years I was doing it without realizing. I'm a deeply curious, very insightful person who is really good at listening and paying attention to spotting what lights up your eyes and what dulls down your spirit. I am the mirror that can show you what's in your blind spot. I like to cut straight through the muck and get right into the heart of what's getting in your way, and offer you a totally new way of seeing it and resolving it so that you can move forward and get what you want. 

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