Heya! I have a podcast with Perry Gladstone in which we discuss obstacles that frequently get in the way of doing your WORK - you know, the real work & purpose that fires you up!

So we've called it DO YOUR WORK!

We both believe that when people are doing the work that lights them up and feels "on purpose" it makes the world a better place. So we're totally committed to offering tools and ideas about how to "Clear out the Crap + Do Your Work & Live the Life You Want!"

Here's a short introduction about it and a sample of what I sound like "in real life"! Perry & I really have a good time sinking out teeth into these conversations.

We've done five of them so far:

* Failure - Why You're Not One!

* Impostor Syndrome - How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

* Celebrate Accomplishments & Stay Motivated

* I Think I Need Stuff I Don't Have Before I Can Start

* Turning Impossible Into Possible

Let me know if there's anything you'd like us to address! We are here to help!

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