About Me

I trained to become a life coach in 2011, and one of the most powerful things I learned is that I get to be the author of my own story. I can choose to tell it, and live it, from any perspective I choose. I can tell my story as the victim or the hero. I can see the hurts and the strengths, see both the negatives and the positives - but decide who that makes me. Very few things in a story are a fact, most are just an interpretation. For a long time I saw many parts of my life from a "poor me" perspective, but I would not have all the tools, expertise and insight that make me a good coach without the life I have lived. And I love my life. I am incredibly grateful for my life. My life is kick-ass! So now I like to think of my life like a character in a comic book who discovers she has special powers. Like so ...

I come from a super dysfunctional family: abuse, alcoholism, co-dependency, depression, suicide. What this means now is that I've spent a whole lotta years figuring out how family members relate to each other; how to unwind from a clingy and controlling mother; how to forgive an absent and immature father; how self-protective measures used in childhood become self-limiting beliefs in adulthood; how to re-parent myself and have functional adult relationships. This has given me super-powers! I can smell guilt trips from miles away and refuse to take those trips! My bullshit detector for self-pitying, self-defeating beliefs and behaviors is like x-ray vision for the soul!

I've moved a lot. I went to nine schools in nine years. I've lived in four different countries (Canada, the US, Spain, and Mexico) and six different cities. I speak 3 languages. I've had to pack and unpack a lot. I've made lots of friends and said lots of goodbyes. I've been the new girl many, many times. I felt like an outsider/observer for a great deal of my youth. All of this has given me super-communication powers! I help lost tourists! Kids and teens love talking to me (and I to them)! I can strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere! People tell me their deepest stuff when I meet them! And I have super-outsider vision that lets me see situations and motivations keenly and clearly!

I was sick a lot through most of my life; chronic tonsillitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic allergies, pneumonia. I missed a lot of school. I read a lot of books. I took a lot of medication and got a lot of bad advice - mostly from doctors. I had to learn to really listen to my body so I became a super-detective of my own suffering and now I can really hear my body! And heal my body! I discovered what had been making me sick all these years and zapped it and all that medication from my life! And I'm not allergic to cats (like I used to believe)! So I'm a super-cat-lover! I have super-healing powers! And I help people discover their own super healing powers!

I've had a lot of relationships. I've had so many friends. Childhood friends, girls and boys. Mean friends and sweet friends. High school friends, girls and boys. Jealous friends and loyal friends. I have adult friends, women and men. Dancing friends and helpful friends. I've dated lots. I've fallen in love lots. I've had my heart broken lots - demolished a few times - and have broken a few along the way. I've had relationship therapy good and bad. Now I have the power of welcoming people into my life and the power of letting go when they leave! I have the power of love (cue Huey Lewis)! Love without demands and attachment that lets others be themselves! And lets me be me!

I've had a lot of jobs. My first job was in a steel factory when I was 18. I'm not kidding - Flashdance! I've worked in hair salons, I've been a secretary/admin assistant. I've worked with lawyers and bankers. I've been a high school teacher at a high-risk school. I've performed as a swing dancer live and on TV more times than I can count. I've run my own dance studio and taught countless kids and adults how to partner dance. This is perhaps my most amazing power - I show people they can do anything! I've taught lots of people who were convinced they'd never be able to dance, but they did. And after that, the sky's the limit!

And this is the essence of what I believe about life. Belief drives action. And you can change your beliefs. If you believe you can't dance, you won't try. If you once believed you couldn't dance but learned how, what other limiting beliefs might be wrong? I never thought I'd be a Solid Gold dancer. I was wrong.

I'm constantly learning about life and myself, and passing along what I find out so that we can all enjoy life. Not a bad super power! KA-POW!


  1. You are wonderful, Jessica. Your powers are even more exciting than Jean Grey's!

  2. You do have superpowers! Love this, Jessica!

  3. thank you to my sweet sister and dear friend who have been my support and confidants along the way!!

  4. Well. I'm new to your site.
    Can I just come live with you until I'm sorted out? LOL

    Do you think words can help me? (I'm in Canada, you are a phone call away)
    My husband tells me daily I need to get motivated. My kids, my moms, everyone. And yet, I'm so overwhelmed I don't even know which foot to put forward.
    I'm here.
    Ceciley tweeted your website today. I was sitting on my computer ignoring the 2 school essays I have minimized awaiting my attention. They are 2 weeks late. (I'm a perfectionist who if I get under a 95% asks for a re-do. I just don't care anymore)
    I haven't been on twitter in a coons age. For some reason I was drawn to it today.
    I tweeted people both famous and those living in my city. Friends even. Not one single person tweeted back (Not that I really thought Channing Tatum would reply!)
    Then there was this tweet from a woman I added to twitter because her laugh is like a hug. Something about a life coach. "Life coach? " I tweet.
    And she replied.
    Because she replied. I am here.
    I am tired of being stuck. I am tired of being depressed and I am tired of being sick.
    For today, this is it. I am here. Tomorrow.... I WILL finish my essay and I will email/contact you.

  5. Cerine welcome! Do I think words can help? I think words can help us change our thoughts & beliefs ... and then that leads to change of both feelings and actions - so yes!

    I'm so glad that my sweet sister got back to you today. And we have the same laugh, so hugs are here too!

    You have all the keys you need to change within you, and the most important one is that you are tired of the way things are. You are here, that is enough, you are enough.