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Let's work together ... here are the ways we can do that!

Individual session - 90 mins, $125  //  4 pre-paid sessions, $425

We can talk about anything you like, and work on just about any kind of problem, with the goal of uncovering the roots of the issue and making progress to shifting it in the direction you would like it to go. I have lots of insight and tools to share to help make that happen.

Steering by Starlight - 8 week group course, $600 per person

I will guide a group of 6 people through Martha Beck's powerful and funny book Steering By Starlight, and by the end of the 8 weeks I guarantee your life will change for the better. You will learn how to root out the fears that are holding you back from moving forward, identify and change the crappy and well-worn stories that often make you feel stuck, and use the tools within to clarify what it is you want from life and make it happen. This book is full of all the practical magic that I use in my coaching. It will allow you to consciously create the life you want - it is deeply moving and transformational stuff! Click on the link for more details and testimonials from past participants. Also included is a 90 min private coaching session with me.

Couples session - 90 mins, $150

We work through the issue that you bring to the session with the goal of creating deeper understanding of where each person is coming from, what each person needs, and how to proceed to increase the connection and peace in the relationship. 

Steering by Starlight for Couples - 8 week course, $800 per couple

This course is for couples who would like to take a journey together to learn new tools together to transform themselves and their relationship.

Dream Analysis - 90 mins, $125

Dreams are the way in which our inner knowing tries to help us along our true path. I will guide you through the symbols of your dream to determine the message within. They are always there to help us, though their language seems quite mysterious to our waking minds. You will get some powerful guidance from the person who knows you best - you.

Vision Board session - 90 mins, $125 

I will guide you through a meditation where you focus on clarifying some of the big dreams and desires in your life - that on its own is pretty magical. Then, we will get into the nitty-gritty about how to move forward towards the dreams and goals, and address any obstacles that appear to be in the way to move them from the realm of fantasy into reality. This session is a great way to begin manifesting tremendous change in your life.

Health Issue session - 90 mins, $125

Our health issues always have something to tell us about what needs to be healed. The body tries to get our attention, sometimes through pain, sometimes through illness to show us how we are being harmed, through our environment, our relationships, and our thoughts. If you've ever wanted to have a conversation with your health and your body, it would sure like to give you a message that will help you heal.

Peace & Power mantra - 30 mins, $50

This session is short and targeted at a very specific problem that is making you feel powerless and crappy. I'll use Byron Katie's "The Work" to help you find the flip-side of the problem that feels freeing and empowering. You will have a statement that creates a sense of peace, and activates your creativity, leading to new positive action towards your goals.

Customized Workshops - please contact me directly to discuss creating a specialized workshop for your group

Send an email to jessica (at) jessicajenkins (dot) ca, with any questions or to book a session. All sessions are available via phone or Skype, or in person in the Toronto, ON area. 

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