December 21, 2012

Jump Start your life in 2013!

Happy Winter Solstice! It appears we have all survived the end of the World (or the Mayan calendar) - whooo-hoooo!

To celebrate what many are calling a new era of fabulousness, wonder and expansion of love I'm offering my Jump Start Your Life course starting in January!

I will guide a small group through Martha Beck's powerful and funny book Steering By Starlight to root out the fears that are holding you back from moving forward, identify the crappy and well-worn stories that often make you feel stuck, and show you how to use the tools within to clarify what it is you want from life and how to make it happen.

This book is full of all the practical magic that I use in my coaching - it is deeply moving and transformational stuff!

And the energy of working with a group of people who are there to support, to mirror, to question and to offer their own stories and wisdom is an experience of such warmth and generosity that it has a healing power all of its own. I have been truly honoured and amazed at the openness, kindness and genuine help that has come out of these sessions in the past.

If this speaks to you, I welcome you to join me for 3 months - on Thursdays from January 24 through April 11. The class is offered in person in downtown Toronto at 7:00 pm and will be limited to 8 people.

It would be my great joy and privilege to share the tools that have brought so much peace, love and abundance into my life with you!!

Click here to see what past participants have said about the course!

Happy Solstice! Happy Holidays! & Happy New Year!

xo - Jessica