"Jessica has a fiery magic. She is passionate, intuitive, and will tenaciously fight for your right to be happy. Let her be your ally! She will open up your world and get you to dream bigger than ever. It doesn't stop there; she will guide you to achieving those dreams ... fast. Ever since the first time she coached me, my life has been getting exponentially more amazing in ways I could hardly have imagined. Simply put, Jessica has changed my life for the better. Working with her has helped me gain stronger relationships with my family and my partner, my dream job, my much improved finances, my beautiful apartment, my dream travels. I am so deeply grateful for her knowledge, her kindness, and her commitment. You are so lucky if you get a chance to work with her. Be brave, jump in and reap the rewards of working with a master magic maker." ~ Julia Burton

"Jessica isn't afraid to set you straight when you're not being straight with yourself, but while it's happening you'll be laughing and saying, "Oh, so true!"  Her perfect mix of compassion and clear-eyed honesty is just what you want when you're looking to get off your butt and into your right life.  With Jessica by your side, you'll wonder what's been taking you so long - she'll make it feel easy to get what you want in life.  And if you get scared or whiny, she'll use humor and a little gentle whip-cracking to snap you right back into action, or into rest - whichever one you've been depriving yourself of!" ~ Carla Robertson

"If you are serious about being happy with your life then Jessica is the one you want to talk to. She is intuitively insightful, compassionate and tough in all the right combinations and has helped me immensely by providing perspective, guidance and support as I learn to make better choices about how I want to live and who I want to be." ~ Perry Gladstone

"Talking with Jessica is like stepping into pure magic. She's incisive, insightful, patient and pointed. She's generous--with her wisdom, with her love and with her certainty that whatever has me twisted up and feeling broken is, with a little tweaking, the very source of my own wisdom and power. If you're thinking about coaching with Jessica--do it. Life will never be the same." ~ Jennifer Rowe

"I am so fortunate to work with Jessica as my coach. She has helped me transform my frustration into clarity and empowered action. As a result of working with her, I stand firmly in the fullness of my purpose, with a clear understanding of my strengths and unique gifts. Her approach is creative and fun. I always leave my sessions feeling energized and fully seen. If you're looking for support to move beyond old patterns and perceived limitations, you should hire Jessica." ~ D. in Toronto

"I was drawn to Jessica's group class to help me address a work-related change in my life. It turns out the classes provided enlightenment in ALL areas of my life, not just work. At first I thought a group setting would be awkward, and I went in not knowing anyone. Jessica made all of us feel comfortable and was a spectacular listener and coach." ~ JM in Toronto

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