May 08, 2014

New Steering By Starlight course starts May 20th

There is a new Steering By Starlight 8-week-class starting very soon - Tuesday May 20th!

This session will run until July 15th (with a break for the week of July 1st) and takes place in my living room in downtown Toronto from 7-9:30 pm.

The cost is $350 and includes one private session with me.

Here is a very quick run-down of what takes place each week and if you'd like more info there is lots over on the Steering By Starlight page, including testimonials and a Q&A about what the course is like.

WEEK 1: Figure out what you want and how to create it. Re-tell your stories of woe and not-good-enoughness into stories that create pride and an ability to see your strengths.

WEEK 2: Understand primal fear, how it gets in the way, and how to tame it.

WEEK 3: Beliefs create our reality. How to find the beliefs that are not serving you and change them to create the reality you want.

WEEK 4: "Do the thing you think you cannot do." I'll show you how.

WEEK 5: Find out what deep message of support and encouragement is hiding in your dreams.

WEEK 6: Envision the dreams of your future. Then we'll get rid of the doubts and "yeah-buts" and start turning those dreams into reality.

WEEK 7: Make improvements in your physical environment and see how it makes improvements in the rest of your life.

WEEK 8: Learn how to deal with saboteurs and how to lead in any environment.